Program on managing E-waste in Dimapur

Moa Sangtam along with the E-circle team after the program held on January 25 in Dimapur.

To sensitize denizens of Dimapur under the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) on electronic waste management, a sensitization program was held on Friday, at Town Hall, Dimapur.

The program was organized by E-circle in collaboration with the DMC.

Speaking at the program, DMC administrator Moa Sangtam spoke about how E circle will be managing Electronic Waste (E-waste) or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) which are electronic appliances or accessories that are rejected due to malfunction or because they are outdated.

In the present world that generates so much technological waste, the E-circle will be working on disposing of this waste in a healthy way, Sangtam said. Lauding E-circle for their initiative, Sangtam added that the team will be collaborating with the DMC.

He also mentioned that E-circle will be providing their services free of cost and they are also ready to buy E-waste from the people.

Sangtam requested the people to extend their support and cooperation.

On the cleanest colony competition, the DMC administrator said that unlike the last two years, this year the competition will be divided into two categories: small and large and management of E-waste will also be included as a criterion in the competition.

He further added, “Let’s bring some changes and make Dimapur a better place”.

Highlighting E-waste management in Nagaland, E-circle co-founder Sowete ü K Letro and co-founder Bendangwala Walling stated that E-circle is a Nagaland first E-waste collection centre, authorized by the Nagaland Pollution Control Board (NPCB) for collection, storage, and transport of E-waste in Nagaland.

They have partnered with Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata which operates as an Authorized Management Center of Electronic Waste.

E-Circle is making its services available for discarded electrical equipment (from ACS, TVs, and computers to Headphones, wires etc) to be recycled through authorized recycling companies in India.

They lamented that in Nagaland, no data is available on E-waste generated and most of the consumers are not aware of its ill effects.

Letro was, however, optimistic saying that the E-circle team has been striving to reach out to the community in Dimapur by sensitizing and mobilizing them on the importance of recycling electronic waste.

It may be mentioned that the E-circle has been handling electronic waste since July 2018. Its office is located at C-Khel, Diphupar Dimapur.

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Dimapur’s own community party winds up on a high

December Fest was indeed festive, where the young and old alike participated in a show of community belonging besides competing in various events such as Tug of War, stilt bamboo walking; and music and dancing. It was truly a community celebration for Dimapur town. The festival concluded on Thur. Dec. 20 at the DDSC stadium in Dimapur.

The event was organised by a local community group, Better Dimapur, in collaboration with the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Naga Council Dimapur; GB Union of Dimapur; Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation (DUCCF); and Naga Women Hoho of Dimapur.

The idea behind the festival was to bring different communities and denizens of Dimapur together to forge friendships among one another and build a better ‘Dimapur community.’


A member of organising committee, Adrian Mahong, told Eastern Mirror that participation from Dimapur’s 68 colonies was encouraging although the scheduled day had to be postponed as rains played spoilsport.
Organising an event such as December Fest requires a lot of resources and an NGO alone cannot organise one. Replying to a common query if the festival would be an annual event, Mahong said the Better Dimapur team hopes any person who succeeds the incumbent DMC’s administrator, Moa Sangtam, would understand the importance of such event that can bring the entire community together to foster friendship.

“Better Dimapur team will always be there and we hope to make December Fest an annual event but with the support of the community,” Mahong said. He was critical of people smuggling alcohol into the event even though the festival was declared an “alcohol-free zone.”

Dr. Fr. Anto, the principal of North East Institute of Social Sciences & Research in Dimapur, lauded the December Fest as an event that brought the public together.
Pastor Kethoser Kevichusa delivered the Christmas message of the event. The preacher spoke on the meanings of Christmas. Firstly, he said Christmas was a time when people see an expression of God’s revelation in peace.
‘We Nagas he said have been looking for peace for many years. And therefore we must remember that as individuals we are at war with each other. We must look for peace by surrendering ourselves to God for peace. Our greatest need is peace and that is why God sent Jesus,” the pastor said.

The second point, Kevichusa spoke about was on understanding God’s rejection of power. He remarked that everyone wants power. ‘But we must remember God rejects our idea of power. Jesus shows us what true power is: the power to be gentle and to love,’ he said.
Thirdly, he said, ‘we find God’s reversal of the idea of poverty and Jesus shows us what true prosperity is. What use it is when we conquer the soul but lose the soul?’ the pastor challenged.
Fourthly, he said, ‘We find God’s response to us being in problems, but God tells us that we are not alone.’



First: Kevija-U colony

Second: Aokong colony

Third: Landmark colony


First: 1st Ura Villa

Second: Viola colony

Third: Sewak Rio colony

Photo competition

Winner: Akonuo Loren

Runner-up: Sarah Loren 

Face painting

Winner: Sentimongla Longkumer

Stilt bamboo

First: Kevija-u

Second: Niu colony

Third: Ura Villa

Choral competition (junior)

Winner: Maple Tree School

Open category: Lotha Baptist Church

Santa Claus competition: United North Block, and Imkonglenden colony

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