The Dimapur Fest, a mega event for Dimapurians is scheduled from December 18 to 20 at Dimapur District Sports Complex (DDSC).

The event has been organised by The Better Dimapur Team in collaboration with Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Naga Council Dimapur, GB’s Union Dimapur, Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF) and Naga Hoho Dimapur.

Slated to be one of the big events for the city before Christmas, the three-day event will be marked with extravaganzas and competitions open to all the citizens of the city.

Some of the major events will be Christmas Choral Competition (Open & Junior Categories), Photography Contest, Waste to Art, Dance Battle, Tug of War, Bamboo Stilt Race, Best Santa Claus, Quiz Competition and Penalty Shoot-out.

And the best part is all the competitions carry huge cash prizes along with gift hampers and certificates, for instance, winner of the choral competition, open category, will receive a cash prize of Rs 30,000 while the junior category carry a cash prize of Rs 15,000.

The competitions are open to everyone and interested individuals for any of the competitions can come forward and register by contacting 8575-12-7672 or 8197-58-1335. Registrations for all the competitions are currently going on.

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‘Dimapur Fest – a collaborative effort initiated by the Better Dimapur Team’

The Better Dimapur Team said that the upcoming December Fest scheduled to be held from December 18-20 at the DDSC Stadium is not an initiative of the Dimapur Municipal Council.

“People seem to think that this is an initiative of the DMC. But it is not so. It is being organised by the Better Dimapur Team in collaboration with the DMC, Naga Council Dimapur, GB Union Dimapur, Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation and Naga Women Hoho Dimapur,” core team member Alobo Naga told a media conference today.

The statement was in response to a news report published by The Morung Express on December 7 about the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry and its affiliates writing a complaint letter to the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur on November 19 with regard to the holding of the December Fest.

In the complaint letter, the DCCI, Business Association of Nagas (BAN) and East Dimapur Business Association (EDBA) raised objection to the DMC allegedly collaborating with a political body – Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) – to hold the event.

“The organisers would like to clarify that initially BJYM approached us to collaborate for the December Fest alongwith other civil societies. It has to be mentioned that BJYM wanted to collaborate with the Better Dimapur Team and not with DMC.”

Adrian Mahong, also a core member of the team, said that the BJYM approached them sometime in the first and second week of November and added, “They backed out voluntarily.”

“As the organisers, our position is clear. There are no political leanings whatsoever,” maintained Mahong.

The Fest is rather being organised to provide an opportunity to citizens to celebrate the festive season, he said. Further, inorder not to clash with the Dimapur Nite Carnival, the Fest has been scheduled from December 18-20, it was added.

As for the Fest schedule, the Better Dimapur Team said that a variety of competitive events (colony-wise) have been lined up in addition to setting up food stalls. The colony-wise competitive events to be featured on the first day include Santa Clause competition, tug-of-war and stilt race. Choral, dance, photography, face-painting, waste to art competitions, flower exhibition and an aeromodelling show will be the other highlights.

Music will feature prominently throughout the 3-day even with Alobo Naga & the band headlining the evening event on October 18. KC Lights – school choir from Shillong that won the international Choral Meet 2018 will also perform. December 19 will feature performances from DJ Kate Shoo, EDM artiste Ravator, Zuchobeni Tungoe, Meribeni Patton and DJ Sumika. Christmas choral competition will occur on December 20 in addition to performances from various artistes and the DMC declaring the Cleanest Colony Awards.

BAN DCCI, EDBA, responds
Meanwhile, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, East Dimapur Business Association and Business Association of Nagas wrote to The Morung Express today claiming that the matter has been resolved. It stated, “This issue was immediately resolved when it was brought to the notice of DC Dimapur on 19.11.18 .”

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December Fest a gala for Dimapurians

December is here and so is the time for festivals in Nagaland which is keeping everyone on their toes and Dimapur is set to witness another fest dubbed as “December Fest” scheduled for three days from Dec. 18 to 20 at the DDSC stadium in Dimapur.

An update on the upcoming fest by the organisers “The Better Dimapur” team to media persons on Friday Dec. 7 at Hotel Cedar in Dimapur highlighted that the three-day event will witness aeromodelling show, exhibitions and competitions such as choral, flower, photo, open dance, waste to art, face painting and Santa Clause; traditional events of tug-of-war and Bamboo stilt race competition and an evening programme by various artists.

The event by The Better Dimapur team is in collaboration with the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Naga Council Dimapur, GB Union Dimapur, Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF), and Naga Women Hoho Dimapur.

The idea is to bring different communities and denizens of Dimapur under one area and bring out friendship for a healthy relationship and a better Dimapur.

With the endeavor to discourage plastic use in Dimapur, the organisers said they have strongly recommended for use of paper bags to all the participants and the CAN Youth who have been on an endeavour to promote the use of paper bags will make the paper bags available during the fest.

December Fest evening programme

Dec. 18 evening dubbed as ‘Musikal Mojor’ will witness performances by Musik-A School, KC Lights Shillong (Winner of International Choral meet 2018) and ANTB (Alobo Naga & the Band).

Step Up Dance Nite on Dec. 19 will witness open dance competition and artists DJ & Model from Ukraine Kate Shoo, Ravator (Delhi), Zuchobeni Tungoe, Meribeni Patton and DJ Sumika.

On Dec. 20, there will be Christmas choral competition with ‘Cleanest colony’ award and concert by various artistes from Dimapur.

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Dimapur Fest organisers clarify news report

Responding to news report, organisers of Dimapur Fest today clarified that the proposed event was devoid of any political affiliation but to bring different communities and denizens of
Dimapur together to celebrate unity in diversity.
The organiser was responding to allegation that the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) was involved with Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) for the fest. The organisers of the said fest “The Better Dimapur” team said this to media persons at Hotel Cedar in Dimapur on December 8. It clarified that it was the BJYM who approached the organisers “The Better Dimapur” team for collaboration and not the DMC. The organising members maintained that the business community was initially to be part of the fest but backed out on their own.

“The event was to bring different communities and denizens of Dimapur to celebrate unity and diversity which is being organised by the ‘Better Dimapur Team’ in collaboration with the DMC, Naga Council Dimapur, GBs’ Union Dimapur, Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF), and Naga Women Hoho Dimapur. The team constituted of independent groups looking towards making Dimapur a better place and making people aware on various social, civic and health issues,” they stated.

The organisers mentioned that the proposed fest is being organised ‘totally in the interest of the citizens with no political motives as the December Fest resonates with the most joyous time of the year which will also provide an opportunity to the youth and elderly alike to interact with the people from different walks of life and also garner an opportunity to explore and experience both traditional Naga heritage along with the modern,’
While clarifying that the December Fest has no political interference, the organisers said the fest was postponed so that it does not coincide with the annual Dimapur Night Carnival.

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